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Get basic-level access to a network of thousands of gyms nationwide1. You and your family also get full access to an Online Health and Wellness Platform that includes thousands of fitness and wellness videos, live classes, and fitness programs. It’s all included in your Fitness Your Way membership!

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Fitness Your Way is available to members and their dependents over age 18 who have healthcare coverage with a participating Blue365 plan.

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Register online or by phone by calling (888) 572-7833. Membership gives you access to thousands of gyms for just $29 per month and a low one-time enrollment fee of $29.

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Download your membership card to start using your benefits today. Use any of the thousands of gyms nationwide1, plus enjoy the flexibility of On-Demand videos available 24/7, Live classes and access to the Burnalong platform. You also get discounts on health and wellness products and specialists2.

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Visit any of 10,000+ Gyms Nationwide1.

Enjoy exercising when and where it's most convenient for you with access to fitness equipment and amenities which include pools and thousands of exciting group classes.

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Discounts for Healthy Living Beyond the Gym2

Membership includes access to the Whole Health Network, which allows you to receive discounts on healthy living products and up to 30% off at 20,000+ experienced health and well-being specialists††.

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Work Out Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy the flexibility of working out wherever you are. Get 24/7 access to On-Demand videos – from strength training to meditation. Participate in Live virtual classes led by wellness professionals. And now get complete access to our Health and Wellness platform partner - Burnalong. It’s all included in your Fitness Your Way membership!

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